Experience With Fitness Facilities

ClubClix has been around over 12+ years. We have customers whose Fitness Facilities shut down if our system goes down. It is not just a front desk operations automation system but a mission critical system for Fitness Facilities. It has been working for over 12+ years 24/7 with less than 0.1% down time.


ClubClix is the fitness market leader in upright cloud system services for Fitness Facility companies that motivates fitness members to come to be engaged, equipped and excited about all the features and also solutions your Fitness Facility needs to use. ClubClix is the perfect solution for fitness facilities, public and private fitness centers or clubs, as well as parks as well as rec departments. ClubClix is designed and created for the most crucial property of a club– its participants. The ClubClix service encourages members to come to be engaged, empowered and delighted regarding all the amenities and services your club has to use. Clubclix provides a variety of participant oriented options that clubs could use in order to satisfy and go beyond participant expectations. https://www.clubclix.com