Latest Technology For Fitness Facility Reservations

V2 of the system has the best technology has to offer and is built on a foundation which allows us to leverage the latest technology available for reservations, front desk operation member communications and more for Fitness Facilities.


ClubClix is the fitness market leader in vertical cloud platform services for Fitness Facility organizations that encourages fitness members to come to be involved, equipped and also thrilled about all the facilities and also solutions your Fitness Facility has to provide. ClubClix is the ideal answer for a fitness facility, public and private fitness facilities or clubs, and parks and rec divisions. ClubClix is developed as well as developed for the most important property of a club– its members. The ClubClix service encourages members to end up being engaged, empowered as well as delighted about all the services and solutions your club needs to supply. Clubclix supplies a range of member oriented remedies that clubs could utilize in order to fulfill and also surpass participant expectations.