Experience With Homeowners Associations

ClubClix has been around over 12+ years. We have customers whose Homeowners Associations (HOA) shut down if our system goes down. It is not just a front desk operations automation system but a mission critical system for Homeowners Associations (HOA). It has been working for over 12+ years 24/7 with less than 0.1% down time.
  • Features A Homeowners Association Need
    The features and functionality of the system are based on real-life situations of the largest Homeowners Association (HOA) in the country. It is not easy to meet the high demands of Tennis Players but ClubClix has not only met it but Tennis Players at these Homeowners Associations (HOA) depend on it.
  • Increase The Number Of Tennis Matches
    It is the only system which will increase the number of matches Homeowners Associations (HOA). Why? Because we offer a patent-pending Sports Match Making module. Members can find other members and/or Homeowners Association (HOA) can do it for them. Without the need for a single piece of paper and literally within seconds.
  • Increase Homeowners Association Revenue
    ClubClix offers Homeowners Associations (HOA) the ability to increase revenue by leveraging the Advertising Module Homeowners Associations (HOA) can set-up their system to show advertisements from selected vendors. These ads are not just generic ads but ads which aim for the eyeballs of members. A tennis player will see tennis related ads. A swimmer will see swim related ads. A basket player will see basket related ads. And yes ClubClix can manage all of these and every other sport you can think of.
  • Custom Built Rules For Programs And Activities
    ClubClix offers a massive library of rules through which Homeowners Associations (HOA) can control what their members can and cannot do. Your Homeowners Association (HOA) cannot book a court 7 days in advance. ClubClix can do it. Your Homeowners Association (HOA) does not allow member to book before 6pm. ClubClix can do it. A member and his household cannot make more than 2 tennis reservations a day. ClubClix can do it. A Homeowners Association (HOA) can give us a rule and we are 99% sure ClubClix can do it. Your club has different tennis reservation rules on weekends and nights? ClubClix can do it. There are always room for improvement and hence 1% less! We do not want to be arrogant! 🙂
  • Communication With Members And Players
    A comprehensive communication module is part of the system. Homeowners Associations (HOA) can inform their members via email, text or when the logon to the system. Homeowners Associations (HOA) can choose the members they want to communicate by age, membership type, activity and the list goes on. Homeowners Associations (HOA) can format the message any way they want. They can send images and even attachments.
  • Specially Made For Instructors To Manage Their Clients
    Want to track which Instructor brings in the most revenue? Which Instructor uses the most courts? Which Instructor has the most players? All of this and much more can be done ClubClix. Best of all, Instructors can log-on to the system from wherever they are. Even members and non-members can enroll on their own. All of which helps the Homeowners Associations (HOA) to generate more revenue!
  • Painless Management Of Member Data
    Are you tired of managing member data. No worries. ClubClix can take this work of your hands. Homeowners Associations (HOA) can allow members to maintain their own information without any risk to confidentiality of other members.
  • Privacy Of Members Information
    ClubClix offers total privacy for Homeowners Associations (HOA), and members can choose to decide if they want to share their information.
  • Feature Rich Solution For Homeowners Associations
    We used our real industry experience combined with 10 years of running verson 1 of the system to build version 2 (V2). V2 has features which Homeowners Associations (HOA) need and not features which are great for making a sale but have no real value.
  • Latest Technology For Tennis Reservations
    V2 of the system has the best technology has to offer and is built on a foundation which allows us to leverage the latest technology available for tennis reservations, front desk operation member communications and more for Homeowners Associations (HOA).
  • Top-notch System Security
    We follow the highest level of security to ensure Homeowners Association (HOA) members data is not compromised.
  • Customization For Any Program, Any Activity
    Set-up any type of programs for any activity that you have in your Homeowners Association (HOA). ClubClix can even automate your restaurant so your customers can book their tables online.
  • Automated Emails For Tennis Reservations
    Let the system communication for Homeowners Association (HOA) members via automatic email of tennis reservations, court changes and cancellation. Or even text messages.
  • Instructors Get More Use Sharing Teaching Videos
    Your Instructors want to share teaching videos with their students? They can upload to ClubClix and Homeowners Association (HOA) members will have immediate access.
  • Membership And Players Can Setup Their Own Playlists
    Let your Homeowners Association (HOA) members set-up lists of people they like to play with and people they do not want to play with!
  • Tailored Setup For Your Homeowners Association
    ClubClix offers a totally user driven customizable set-up. Everything from the name of the organization to the name of the Activities and Programs is driven by the Homeowners Association (HOA).

ClubClix is the industry leader in vertical cloud platform solutions for club organizations that encourages members to become engaged, empowered and excited about all the amenities and services your club has to offer. ClubClix is the perfect answer for homeowners associations (HOA), public and private facilities or clubs, and parks and rec departments. ClubClix is designed and developed for the most important asset of a club – its members. The ClubClix solution encourages members to become engaged, empowered and excited about all the amenities and services your club has to offer. Clubclix offers an array of member oriented solutions that clubs can utilize in order to meet and exceed member expectations.