ClubClix is a flexible cloud-based solution that can adjust according to the member organization’s needs. Scalable, powerful, and user-friendly – ClubClix’s intuitive design allows for quick user orientation for club employees and members.

Self-Service Reservations: Empower your members with ClubClix’s online scheduling and reservations tool. Classes, sports clinics, private lessons or restaurant reservations can be managed through our member access portal. Also benefit from automatic email reservation confirmations.

E-Match: Allow your members to connect with other players in any sport. E-Match offers activity pairing based on time, date, location and player rating.

Smart Match: Let ClubClix do all the work! Smart Match can auto-filter all E-Match requests by date, time, location and player rating to align all matches for a fast and efficient pairing of players.

Real-Time Facility Management: Supply your members and employees with the most current facility information. Sudden facility maintenance issues or closures can affect current and future reservations. ClubClix allows for real-time facility monitoring for optimal reservation availability and accuracy.